We are significantly known for our excellent services throughout the market.

Our company’s everlasting experience in each realm is boosted by the depth
and breadth of our highly-qualified teams, all who enjoy the pride of being
the best candidate for our client.

We operate through five business divisions, each of which is a specialist
in its field. Because our Group is decentralised, each division can respond
quickly to the needs of their markets.

Significantly Known for Our Excellent Services

We provide a huge range of manufacturing and engineering services, using specialist equipment and precision tooling. Our wood and metal workshops have been established in Qatar for almost a decade.

Our expertise includes production design, fabrication, welding, and bespoke woodworks.

Off-site manufacturing at our in-house facilities allows us to improve quality, reduce site activity and installation time, and deliver cost savings.

We have the capabilities to manufacture small and intricate components
or larger structural items for incorporation into temporary or permanent


With the advancement of technology, we offer our clients the best building surveying solutions in the market. For this, we offer 4D scanning, base build surveys, and thermal imaging services.

The result of these services is offered to our clients as:

  • A form of raw data for their internal use or for their consultant’s use
  • A visual walkthrough of existing mechanical and electrical rooms for FM companies
  • A visual walkthrough of existing layouts for client discussions and design developments
  • Pinpoint accurate 4D layouts can be imported into AutoCAD to allow the designer to generate accurate designs thus mitigating design clashes between different disciplines.

Through our state-of-the-art design studio, specializing in the creation of stunning 3D assets, branded environments and high-end developments, our 3D visualization and animation team employs strategic digital innovation and 3D for high-profile, future-looking, and ultra-realistic projects.

With our digital innovations, you will be able to experience your project’s design plan like never before.

Our trading division was established with an aim to build a strong relationship with global partners to which we can offer our wide range of services.

Our Trading division was created in the wake of Covid-19 as an innovative vehicle to further underpin our Values and Purpose.

We are strongly committed to developing a conducive environment for the citizens and residents of the nations we are



Whether our clients need a quick refresh or an entire
renovation, we can provide all the expertise through our
unique platform.
Complete fit-out solutions

From offices to lecture theatres to hospital wards to retail
units, we’ve got the in-house expertise to fit out or refurbish
any space, anywhere.

Our team can undertake:

  • Metalworks
  • Gypsum works
  • Tile works
  • Finishing works
  • Joinery works
  • Painting works
  • Demolition works
  • Glassworks
  • Carpet and vinyl floors


If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message. For anything more specific, please use one of the addresses listed below.